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Simply Skin Facial Aesthetics is a medical clinic led by Simone Auld, a dental surgeon. Simone graduated from Glasgow University in 1987 and worked as a family dentist in a local practice for 35 years. She trained in medical facial aesthetics in 2011 and has been carrying out advanced procedures since then. In 2022, she decided to focus entirely on her passion for facial aesthetics and reluctantly retired from her dental practice, with many of the patients now visiting her at her aesthetic clinic for procedures.

The clinic is situated in a convenient, residential area of Prestwick which offers on street parking.

Simone offers a holistic approach to the field, and prides herself on maintaining the safety and well-being of her patients with a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and is constantly consolidating her knowledge of safe techniques and products, and dealing with complications, frequently attending hands on courses and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Simply Skin Facial Aesthetics is completely focused on delivering a patient centred, clinical service and is continually striving to operate an ethical, transparent service in full compliance with the standards expected of and independent clinic registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland. The clinic’s mission is to provide care of the highest quality in a discrete, medical environment. Simply Skin Facial Aesthetics’ priority is to deliver the best patient experience, their safety, and their participation whilst under the care of the clinic and as such, Simone recognizes her accountability as a provider of what she considers medical procedures. Simone recognizes the fundamental significance of safe treatment, which she can deliver using her in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, and the use of the safest techniques and quality products for the areas being treated. Simone possesses the knowledge and skills to diagnose and manage complications, should they arise.

Figures indicate that an average of 93% of patients each month have visited the clinic previously on at least one occasion indicating a very high degree of patient satisfaction and they continue to recommend the clinic to others. Many patients leave extremely positive reviews  and feedback on Ovatu, the clinic’s online booking system, which allows us to monitor that the experiences of the patients is of the highest standard and suggestions for improvement are always welcomed.

Simone has expertise in delivering natural aesthetic results and carries out an in-depth assessment during the initial consultation where she will discuss a bespoke treatment plan explaining alternative treatments where appropriate, side effects, complications, aftercare, longevity, maintenance, and costs involved and welcomes any questions you may have. We prefer that you take time to consider all the information given and then arrange an appointment to return for your chosen treatment. You will be offered a review appointment 2-4 weeks after your treatment, but we will always be contactable with any questions or concerns you may have. All consultations and treatments are carried out on a 1:1 basis and therefore you are guaranteed maximum discretion.

Feedback of your experience with the clinic is vital in allowing us to monitor the quality of your care and you will be invited to leave a review, this may be done anonymously if desired.

The clinic is registered as an independent clinic with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and was honoured to be amongst one of the first in Scotland to do so.

Simone Auld BDS

Dental Surgeon/Clinical Director

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