Duty of Candour Annual Report: January 2023 – December 2023

Every healthcare professional must be open and honest with patients when something goes wrong with their treatment or care, which causes or has potential to cause harm or distress. Services must tell the patient, apologise, offer appropriate remedy or support and fully explain the effects of the incident to the patient.

As part of our responsibilities, we are required to produce an annual report to provide a summary of the times we have triggered Duty of Candour within our service.

Name and address of service:  Simply Skin Facial Aesthetics, 119 Briarhill Road, Prestwick, KA9 1JD
Date of Report: 06/01/2024

How we ensure that we understand our responsibilities in relation to our duty of candour and have systems in place to respond effectively:             

Since implementation as a service, we have:

  1. A Duty of candour policy available for staff, patients and families which is available on request, and is also available to view on our website and Healthcare Improvement Scotland also has a copy. 
  2. We have completed on-line training in Duty of Candour and have systems in place to investigate and deal with any issues that arise.
  3. We follow a Duty of Candour policy and procedure.
  4. We are trained to investigate and report accidents, incidents, concerns, and allegations.

Do you have a Duty of Candour Policy? Yes, dated 16th February 2019

How many times has your service implemented the duty of candour policy this financial year?  0

Type of unexpected or unintended incidents: 0
(Not relating to the natural course of someone’s illness or underlying condition)

Number of times this happened: 0

A person died: 0

 A person incurred permanent lessening of bodily, sensory, motor, psychological or function: 0

A person’s treatment increased: 0

The structure of a person’s body changed: 0

A person’s life has been unexpectedly shortened: 0


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