Who doesn’t want a nice bright smile?

Teeth may be naturally yellow, or may have become stained with food, drinks or tobacco and unfortunately teeth will also become more yellow with age. Here at Simply Skin Facial Aesthetics we can help you achieve whiter teeth using a safe and non-invasive treatment.

Legally may only be carried out by professionals registered with the General Dental Council and the patient must be 18 years and over. Being a dentist, Simone has the skills and expertise to carry out teeth whitening and will only do so if there is no evidence of active decay or gum disease in the mouth.

On your first visit a dental examination will be carried out to check the health of your mouth and should any problems be identified; you will be referred to your own dentist for the treatment required. When you have been confirmed as suitable for tooth whitening, impressions of your mouth are taken to allow bespoke trays to be constructed at our laboratory, and clinical photographs are taken. You will return for a second appointment approximately 2 weeks later when your trays will be checked for fit and you will be given a full explanation of how to use your home whitening kit and the importance of good oral hygiene. You will be invited to arrange a review appointment in 1 month.

Teeth whitening will allow you to be more confident with your smile, its benefits being:

Non invasive.


Far more effective than over the counter products.

Long lasting whiter teeth.

Enhances your smile.

Boosts your self-confidence.

 Tooth whitening will only whiten natural tooth enamel, white fillings, crowns, composite and porcelain veneers will remain unaffected.

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